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Star Wars-Themed Fantasy Football League Details!

On the latest episode of our podcast, we teased an upcoming Fantasy Football League we are starting. Well, the day has come and we have finally worked out all the details and can now share it with you!

First, if you don’t listen to our podcast (you should! Click here!) and have no clue what I’m talking about, here’s a general summary of what we’re doing. We thought it would be fun to play fantasy football, but somehow connect it to Star Wars, so we came up with a great way to mix the two.

Basically, every point you get will relate back to Star Wars. So if your Quarterback scores a touchdown, you get 5 points. This is because in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker’s callsign was “Red 5”. There’s a full breakdown below of the scoring, so check it out. Also, If you’re a big Star Wars fan and haven’t played Fantasy Football, don’t worry! We’ll help you along the way, especially since one of the guys from the podcast is in the same boat!

Team Names

The team names should be creative and fun, and relate to Star Wars. For example, you could name your team “The Scruffy Nerfherders”. Also, if you need a logo, you can try googling “Star Wars NFL Logos” and several different options will come up.


Here is a full breakdown of how the scoring will work, and how each one relates to Star Wars:

Positive QB stats are all 5 points

Reference to Luke’s call sign of Red 5

Positive Rushing stats are all 12 points                  

Referencing the 12 parsec Kessel RUN

Positive WR stats are all 17.28 points

References the distance from the AT-AT’s  to the power generators on Hoth which was 17.28 meters

All FGs are 7 points / a miss is -7 points

References the 7 wupei cost of the FroG Jar Jar tried to eat

All Return type TDs are all 6 points

Referencing Episode 6 the RETURN of the Jedi

Offense Fumbles lost = -2.1 and INTs are -8.7/ Defense gets the positive inverse

References FN 2187 who was a traitor and switched sides

Safety is -15 / +15

References the 15 minutes it takes to get the Death Star in range of the Rebel Base

Blocked Punt/FG/PAT -11.38/+11.38

References the cell block Luke said Chewie was from (1138)

Sacks -6/+6

References the call sign of Porkins given his size and the size of those typically making the play 

ORDER 66 – This will be done at the end of each week. 66 RANDOM players will be chosen from a list of players who scored points that week. If you have that player, his stats will NOT count that week and will be wiped away just like the Jedi.

How To Join

If you haven’t already, please send an email to Once you’ve done this, we will reply with a link to join the league.

Weekly Updates

Be sure to listen to our podcast for weekly updates. We will put a time-stamp in the description of each episode so you can skip to the exact section where we discuss this, though you should listen to the whole thing! Make sure to subscribe to our podcast to stay up to date by clicking here.

So there you have it! I’m sure if you’re a hardcore fantasy football player, you already have several leagues where a lot is on the line.  So, we thought we’d make a league that is fun, free to play, with prizes going to the top 3 winners!

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