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The Case for “Rey Bridger”! 

Earlier this year, Rey’s parentage was a heavily debated topic . It’s now July, and people have grown tired of the topic and get annoyed when it is mentioned. This is because Episode 7 didn’t answer that question, and until we see Episode 8 or even 9, we won’t know who Rey’s parents actually are. Some argue that It doesn’t matter. I would normally agree, if I hadn’t watched The Force Awakens. In the movie, they clearly tease who her parents are, on multiple occasions. 

I LOVE fan theories when it comes to Star Wars. They’re fun, and they give us hardcore fans something to talk about until the next movie comes out. I say all of this because I’m going to supply a new fan theory today that I haven’t heard tossed around a lot, and I don’t understand why. My fun fan theory is that Ezra Bridger is Rey’s father. I posted my original theory about this topic back in January, but this will be my updated one. 

A lot of people see the parallels between Rey and Luke Skywalker. While I see the parallels myself, I see more parallels between Rey and Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels. If you’re not fimilar with Ezra Bridger, go back and watch Star Wars Rebels, or just go to Wookieepedia for some cliff-notes.

Let’s get into my reasoning for thinking Ezra could be Rey’s father! Here are a number of parallels that lead me to think Rey is the daughter of Ezra Bridger:

Both Ezra and Rey have been on their own since a young age, and both were left to fend for themselves. When we first meet these characters, they’re both scavenging to survive. Also, both are (possible) orphans. 

“I’ve been on my own since I was seven, okay? If I’d let myself believe my folks were alive, if I let myself believe they’d come back and save me, I’d never have learned how to survive.”

-Ezra Bridger

Both Ezra and Rey at one point thought their parents were coming back for them, but they both handled it differently. Ezra’s parents were arrested for being rebel sympathizers, and never returned. After years of waiting for them to return, he eventually moved on and thought of them to be dead, even though he didn’t have a confirmation. Rey, on the other hand, waited day after day for her parents to come back. 

Both Ezra and Rey are extremely force sensitive. Ezra can connect with creatures and even control them, and Rey fought off an injured, but powerful, Kylo Ren in her first lightsaber duel. Both are quick learners when it comes to the force as well. Ezra is being trained by Kanan, but Rebels has made a point to show that Ezra is starting to gain, if not already pass up Kanan when it comes to his force abilities. Luke wasn’t that strong in the force until Episode 6, which shows that he wasn’t as quick to learn as Rey or even Ezra. Luke of course used the force in Episode 4 and 5, but It wasn’t until Episode 6 that he matched Rey and Ezra’s abilities.

Luke and Ezra were born around the same day. That’s right, they were both born on (or near) what is called “Empire Day”, which is the day that Order 66 was executed in Revenge of the Sith. This doesn’t directly connect Ezra with Rey, but I wanted to point out that the timeline fits perfectly. Many people have theorized Palpatine, Obi-Wan, or even Han to be Rey’s father, but the timeline gets foggy with those guys.

Like I said, I see more parallels between Rey and Ezra than I do Rey and Luke. Also, after watching The Force Awakens numerous times, I still get the feeling that Luke is not Rey’s father. There has also been a leak via IMDb that says they are not related, if you choose to believe that. Also, JJ Abrams possibly slipped-up and said, “Rey’s parents are not in Episode 7”. Entertainment Weekly caught up with JJ after he said this, and JJ back-peddled on his statement, but I think JJ did actually slip-up. Either way, I don’t think Luke and Rey are related.

When my article came out in January, many people dismissed my idea, saying that Lucasfilm would never bring a character from an animated TV show to a live-action movie. If you’ve read any Star Wars news lately, you know where I’m going with this. Forest Whitaker will be playing Saw Gerrera in Rogue One this December, a character who originated in The Clone Wars animated TV show. So there is precedent of this actually happening now. 

I’ve pointed out exactly why I think it is possible at this point, but how could Disney work Ezra into the main saga? You can come up with your own idea if you’d like (I’d love to hear it), but here is mine:

If I have it my way, Ezra wont actually be seen in the saga films, unless it’s in force-ghost form. Ezra died protecting Rey. There will be a lot of explaining to do with Rebels if Ezra is Rey’s father, but here’s the highlights if I was writing it:

  • Ezra is tempted by Darth Maul and the dark side, but ultimately doesn’t turn evil.
  • Kanan dies at the end of the series. The rest of the Ghost crew doesn’t really matter, dead or alive (make it up yourself who lives and who dies!).
  • Distraught by his friend/masters death, and with no other Jedi to connect with, Ezra leaves the Jedi way. 
  • Fast-forward to Luke defeating the Emperor. The Empire is unstable, and Ezra hears it was a Jedi who did it.
  • Ezra seeks out Luke and they start the first Jedi Temple/School/whatever.
  • Luke doesn’t stick to the old way of the Jedi, and allows Ezra to marry _____(Sabine? Fine, Whoever).
  • Ezra’s wife gets pregnant, and Rey Bridger is eventually born.
  • Fast forward again, Kylo and the Knights of Ren attack the Jedi school/temple.
  • Ezra knows Luke has to be the one to survive, and gives Rey to Luke.
  • Ezra and his wife die buying time for Luke and Rey to escape.
  • Luke gets advised by Yoda (Force-ghost) to seperate himself and Rey, incase he dies. 
  • Luke drops Rey off on a remote planet called Jakku.

It is hard to come up with a plausible reason that Luke would drop off Rey and leave her. I think my reasoning is the best possible reason, though it still isn’t a good choice. BUT heroes have to make mistakes, or there would be no more movies. Luke’s look at the end of The Force Awakens is one of guilt and regret. He probably promised Ezra that he would watch over Rey, but then realized that it wasn’t good for them to be together since they are the last remaining Jedi (similar to Luke and Leia being separated). This could lead to some really great dialogue in Episode 8 between Rey and Luke. 

Thanks for reading my fun fan theory. I hope you had fun with it and that it will spark some good conversations. At this point, we don’t know who Rey’s parents are, so remember to keep it civil when discussing the topic. Have fun, and may the force be with you! 

Written by Josiah Ward 

Twitter: @Josiah4311

4 thoughts on “The Case for “Rey Bridger”! 

  1. Ezra and Rey’s mother could have been killed on Jakku with Luke and the others believing Rey was dead as well. Could explain the expression on Luke’s face when she first sees Rey.


  2. I’ve presented the same theory, with variations of course, in January. People rebuffed me because of the whole cartoon-live action deal, saying Disney wouldn’t do this. I personally beg to differ. I think it’s exactly what Disney would do from a marketing and expansion of franchise perspective. If Ezra were the father of Rey, then tons of viewers would flock to watching the series and learning about Ezra. That adds new marketing dollars with them reairing the series, assuming it’s not on Netflix (and even then, I’m sure Netflix would pay big to maintain having the series). They could then expand the series further with a more in depth movie(s) chronicling Ezra and Luke and showing their struggles in an attempt to establish a new Jedi counsel. Blending in others with the force (perhaps an apprentice of Asohka) that aren’t technologically Jedi, but have Jedi values and teachings, all awhile fighting against other emperial forces. Possibly bringing in Snook at this point. To me it fits perfectly in Disney’s pocketbook. I would waver slightly more in my opinion if Lucas still controlled the franchise, but we see what up with that.


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