Star Wars Movies

A Star Wars Memory From Josiah! 

I was recently listening to Episode 12 of the podcast “Rogue Won: A Podcast for Winners”, and during the episode, they briefly brought up the moment they watched the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  I thought I’d share my memory as well, so here we go! 

Side note: if you haven’t checked out the “Rogue Won” podcast, please treat yourself and click here

During the week of Thanksgiving in 2014, I was visiting my parents and sister who lived in  the country of Haiti at the time. My dad worked for an organization called “A Door To Hope”, where he led mission trips throughout the year. 

The teaser trailer for Episode 7 had been rumored to be dropping online during the night, but instead it came out the next morning, the 28th. On that particular morning, we were leaving the house to meet up with a team of people going to build a house. We were all waiting around to be picked up, and once we left, we would be gone most of the day. Since we were in Haiti, I couldn’t get reception anywhere outside the house we were staying in. So I knew that if I didn’t catch the trailer before we left for the day, I’d pretty much suffer all day knowing people around the world had seen it before me. Looking back, that was a pretty stupid thought to have since we were in Haiti of all places…first world problems…
Anyways, I turned on the hot-spot and opened my YouTube app. The trailer hadn’t dropped online yet, so I kept refreshing over and over. Finally it worked, and I immediately clicked on it, knowing that the team could be there to pick us up at any moment. If for some odd reason you haven’t watched the teaser trailer, click here to watch It so you know what I’m talking about. 

The trailer started, and my dad and I had our eyes glued to the screen as black faded into a shot of sand on what looked like Tatooine.  Then the voice-over from Andy Serkis started:

“There’s been an awak-“. 


Yup, we made it 5 seconds in, and it stopped. We yelled, “oh come on!” at my phone, but that didn’t really help. We found out through experimenting that if you hit play, let it buffer, then hit play again (and repeat), it would load faster than just letting it sit. So we did just that. We watched the teaser 5 seconds at a time. It was so frustrating! Finally it got to the end and we were blown away. We made it just in time, because the team arrived to pick us up just after we finished.

Later that evening, I downloaded an app that would let me download any YouTube video and play it offline whenever I wanted. I must have watched that teaser trailer 50+ times that week, mainly because I didnt have much access to Twitter or Facebook. 

While social media is great, there was something special about watching the teaser trailer with my dad, and then speculating about it all week long, I’ll never forget that!

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