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Narrowing Down Rey’s Parentage

J.J. Abrams has, yet again, broken the Star Wars Twitter-sphere by commenting on Rey’s parentage. J.J. had this to say about Rey’s parents at the Tribeca Film Festival:

“Rey’s parents are not in Episode VII. So I cannot possibly in this moment tell you who they are. This is all I will say.”

By saying this, J.J. has pretty much confirmed that Luke is indeed NOT the father. That being said, he is also famous for lying to movie-goers (Cumberbatch “not playing Kahn”, which turned out to be a lie to preserve the secret). Though J.J. has lied in the past, I highly doubt he is lying this time because of the hate he got for lying back then.

This leads us to the purpose of this post, who are Rey’s parents?

Potential Candidates 

An Unkown/New Character

This is now the most likely answer to the question of Rey’s parentage. If we don’t see Rey’s parents in Episode VII, a new character played by a new actor would make sense. We know that Benicio del Toro is cast in Episode VIII, so it’s safe to assume that he could be Rey’s Father.

The Bridger’s

If you don’t watch Star Wars Rebels, you may not know the name Ezra Bridger . Let me help you out if that’s the case. Ezra Bridger is a character originally from the animated TV Show, Star Wars Rebels, on Disney X D. Star Wars Rebels takes place five years before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV (A New Hope). 

Ezra was born on a planet called Lothal, on “Empire Day”. Empire Day is basically the day that Order 66 took place. Strangely enough, Luke Skywalker was also born on Empire Day. Ezra eventually joins up with a group of Rebels, one of which is a Jedi named Kanan. Kanan takes Ezra under his wings and teaches him the ways of the force. The show is ongoing, but currently Ezra is being tempted by the dark side, and his fate is unknown.

 Back in February, I wrote an article explaining how Disney/Lucasfilm could easily make Ezra the father of Rey. My pitch for how they could do it solved the problem of regular movie-goers not knowing the name Ezra Bridger.

You can click here to read that article, but here’s the short version:

I would not have Ezra in Episode VIII, only mentioned by name. We dont see him because he is dead. This solves the issue of having to have a character from animation show up in a movie, it just wouldn’t work well. My pitch is that Ezra died protecting Rey. Let me backtrack. After the events of Return of Jedi, Ezra finds Luke after he hears of a Jedi killing Darth Vader and the Emperor. He helps Luke train new Jedi, but one of them turns to the dark side (enter Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren). The Knights of Ren attack and kill all of the Jedi. Ezra sees the inevitable, and during the attack convinces Luke to retreat to preserve the Jedi Order. Ezra gives his daughter Rey to Luke and asks him to protect her. Ezra dies during the battle, and the only Jedi in the galaxy is Luke, again. 

Again, this is the shortened version, so go read the full article for more details! 

Final Thoughts
If we are taking J.J. at his word, these are the only possibilities that I see for Rey’s parentage. Some people have theorized that Obi-Wan is her grandfather, but I just don’t see the timeline working at all. I included Ezra because if nothing else, the timeline fits perfectly.

Whoever it ends up being, I’m still super excited for Episode VIII. Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theatres December of 2017, and will be directed by Rian Johnson.

J.J. Spoke to EW after the panel, and cleared up his comment on Rey’s parents. Here’s what he said:

“What I meant was that she doesn’t discover them in Episode VII. Not that they may not already be in her world.”

So now the Internet can calm down, and go back to believing that Rey is a Skywalker. Now, while the Internet may go back to believing that, I’m not. I think J.J. slipped up, and he’s trying to fix a mistake. I still believe his first statement is true, but I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

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