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The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale-Review

By Josiah Ward

I usually write about Star Wars, but this week’s Walking Dead season finale really angered me, so let’s talk about it.

Spoilers ahead!

This episode overall was boring, lazy, and frustrating. But, let’s start with some stuff I did actually like from this episode, so I don’t come across as an internet troll or hater.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

No matter what I thought of the ending, Jeffrey Dean Morgan killed it as Negan. His dialogue was perfect at the end, and honestly if you look at this season as a whole, he’s not even the bad guy. Rick and his crew literally went into Negan’s camp and killed almost everyone- in their sleep. So he did a great job of portraying someone who’s not just a mustache-twirling villain with no reasoning behind his acts. Negan has a reason for hating Rick and his crew, and i think sparing all but one of them is pretty fair.

Also, I think this is a big reason why I hated the ending, it had SO much potential, and was ruined by one choice. Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn’t ruin the last scene, the writers did.

The Last Scene 

The last scene of this finale had me on the edge of my seat, literally sweating. The acting from our main cast was top-notch. You could see Rick actually shaking in fear (or maybe it was just cold on set). Even though they didn’t say much of anything, they acted tremendously.

That’s it. Now let’s get into why I hated this episode.


First of all, the episode didn’t need to be 90 minutes. The whole episode can be broken down like this (with a Morgan and Carol storyline thrown in randomly):

  • Maggie needs to get to the hilltop
  • They get in the RV.
  • Road block #1, turn RV around.
  • Road block #2, turn RV around.
  • Road block #3, this time with zombies!
  • Road block #4, turn RV around.
  • Road block #5, this time with logs!
  • The team splits up to avoid Negan.
  • They run into Negan anyway.

Yes, I counted, there were 5 different road blocks! Are you kidding me? Again, this episode did NOT need to be 90 minutes long, at all. This was a terrible episode of The Walking Dead, with ONE good moment-that was ruined!  

Now let’s get into this Negan Scene at the end of the episode. This was one of the biggest cop-outs I have EVER seen with a TV show, period. They’ve been building towards this moment all season; One of the main characters has to die. It’s the most iconic scene from the comic books, everyone knows it’s coming… and the writers can’t decide who to kill, so they just don’t show it.

If they had actually killed someone, this would have been the best/saddest scene in the entire series. Now, no matter who ends up dying, we won’t care by the fall.

Remember when Glen was dead, but everyone knew he wasn’t really dead? Remember? They took advantage of us all, and tricked us into believing he was killed off. They played the swelling violin music, it went into slow motion as the zombies “ate him”, and then waited 4 weeks just to show him alive again.   Yeah, I almost left the show then, but I’m leaving the show now. I’m not going to watch as AMC takes advantage of their fans over and over again. I’ll read about who died, because at this point-I don’t care.

The Verdict

I give this episode a 2/5, I hated it.

Did the finale anger you as much as it did me? Please let me know your thoughts on the season 6 finale, and this season as a whole.

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